Corvo enjoys show, has impact

BOSTON -- New Bruins defenseman Joe Corvo watched the team raise its 2011 Stanley Cup banner from the dressing room, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying it and appreciating the history and tradition of his new organization.

“I was actually in the locker room the whole time, just watching on TV,” Corvo said with a laugh. “I liked when all the '72 champs were coming out and the whole team lined up shaking their hands. That was pretty cool.”

Corvo got to meet one of his idols, the legendary Bobby Orr. It was another reminder that he is now playing for a team steeped in history.

“Pretty cool,” Corvo said of meeting Orr. “Just to see him smiling and treating me like anyone else. The history of the team motivates you to do your best; you know somebody is always watching.”

In assessing his first game as a Bruin, Corvo seemed lukewarm and obviously was disappointed his team lost even though he registered an assist on the team’s lone goal, by Brad Marchand on the power play.

“It took a little while, and I thought I got more comfortable as the game went on,” Corvo said. “I think it’s a process. It might take a few more games. It felt all right but it was a pretty bad feeling to have that performance after they put on such a good show before the game.”

While Corvo was able to help the Bruins get a power-play goal, he still thinks there is plenty of work to be done to improve what was Boston's Achilles’ heel last season. He liked the progress throughout the game, but he knows the Bruins can be better.

“It felt all right,” Corvo said of the power play. “I thought our power play got better as the game went on. I thought our last two power plays were pretty awesome. We had an open net on one and were getting shots on the other. Over the course of the game, though, their D did a good job of knocking down shots from the point.”