Pouliot excited to face former team

BOSTON -- When Benoit Pouliot arrived for training camp after signing with the Bruins as an unrestricted free agent in July he made it clear that he was happy to be coming to team that had just won the Stanley Cup and he was also happy to get a fresh start with a coach he felt would communicate to him in a way his former coach in Montreal, Jacques Martin, hadn’t.

"It's just a matter of knowing what you do right or wrong," Pouliot told the media after the morning skate Thursday. "Not hiding it, let the guy know and he'll work on it. And Claude's been good to me so far. He's been talking to me, the assistant coaches have been talking to me all the time with video and stuff. For me, I just had to show up and work hard and be consistent every night in practice and in games, and so far things have been going pretty well. Maybe not in points, but everything else for me was to work hard, and it's been good so far."

Pouliot has also felt welcomed by his new teammates and believes they will all find a way to snap out of this early season funk.

"It's different obviously, but it's good," Pouliot said. "I think with the way things were in Montreal I had to make a change and coming to Boston has been great so far. We haven't had the start we wanted to, but other than that, the guys have made it so easy for me to jump in here and do what I'm capable of doing. It's just a matter of working hard every night and things will fall into place."

Pouliot is hoping to start that turnaround tonight and he is excited to do it against his former team.

“You face your old team, you obviously want to prove that, 'You didn't want to keep me, I'll show you,'" Pouliot said. "It pumps you up even more."