Krejci has changes in mind

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- There's plenty of blame to spread about the Bruins' locker room for the club's ineptitude on offense. But maybe no one is as far off his expected scoring pace as center David Krejci.

His nine goals and 19 assists in 50 games have him well shy of last season's 22 goals and 73 points. Some of that might be caused by teams defending against him differently, and he has a plan to counter that.

"[I want to] hold onto the puck a little more to make plays and be determined and make sure the defenseman doesn't know what I'm going to do -- pass or shoot. That's what I have to do. That's it," Krejci said after practice at Ristuccia Arena.

"These rushes, I've got to make sure they don't know what I'm going to do," he continued, referring to some recent odd-man rushes that have gone for naught. "I can shoot anytime or make one last play. When I pass the blue line, keep my head up because [if I don't] that basically makes it a 2-on-2 situation."

After practice, coach Claude Julien had a long discussion with winger Miroslav Satan. Then the coach turned his attention to the line of Krejci, Blake Wheeler and Michael Ryder. Krejci wouldn't reveal what was said, but it's a good bet the topic was similar to what Krejci talked about in the dressing room.

For whatever reason, Krejci -- like his teammates -- hasn't been able to get on a roll. Every time he looks ready to break out, he hits a lull. In seven games since he returned from a one-game injury absence, Krejci has just 1-2--3 totals. He says he's fine physically and his conditioning is up to par. It would be understandable if he wasn't in top shape because offseason hip surgery prevented him from participating in training camp. He has basically been getting into shape while playing regular-season games.

"We could've talked about that earlier in the season but not right now," he said. "I think I'm in good shape. I feel great."

If that great feeling resulted in some consistent offense, the Bruins would feel a whole lot better.