Marchand diary: A Bruins gift list

Bruins forward Brad Marchand is keeping a diary for ESPNBoston.com this season. Here he has a special holiday version with his wish list for his teammates. -- As told to Louise K. Cornetta

Holiday shopping is tough. I never know what to get anyone. I don’t really need much this Christmas other than clothes, which are always a good gift. Maybe a new winter jacket would be nice. It’s really about all I need. Luckily most of my family and friends have already gotten anything they wanted that has to do with the Stanley Cup. I’m off the hook having to buy a ton of Stanley Cup gear for them. I’m going to head home and be with my family and relatives. Always nice to be home for the holidays. As I figure out what to get everyone for Christmas in my family, I thought it would also be fun to put together a holiday wish list for the Bruins.

Here goes...

-- For Horty [Nathan Horton] I wish for a new video game for him. He’s terrible at the one he’s playing right now. I think Santa should get him a nice Barney and Friends game.

-- [Adam] McQuaid should get the biggest present under the tree for being good. He’s always well behaved and very good. He deserves a nice gift.

-- A lump of coal goes to Tyler [Seguin] for sure. There’s no question about that. He’s always misbehaving.

-- The Red Sox got a new manager [Bobby Valentine]. My wish for them is to win a title and do as great as they possibly can.

-- NBA fans got their wish with basketball coming back Christmas Day. It’s great to have the Celtics back. Their return created a lot of buzz around the city. A lot of fans were missing their games. My wish for them is to have a big year and win another championship.

-- [Jordan] Caron I wish more game for him when he’s here and playing soccer with us in the hallway before games. He needs to work on his game when it comes to soccer.

-- A wish for myself is to be less messy. I definitely have the messiest look on this team.

-- Johnny [Boychuk], I wish for more rhythm. He’s always dancing, but he’s not the best dancer. Johnny could use a teacher.

-- To smile is my wish for Soupy [Gregory Campbell]. Soupy never smiles. He’s always cranky.

-- [Chris] Kelly should get more love. He’s on fire and playing great all over the ice. He deserves more love from the media.

-- Timmy [Thomas] could use a new hat. He wears the same one every day.

-- My wish for the fans is nice new Bruins shirts for everyone to say thank you for all the sellouts you’ve given us at home. They also deserve a big hug and pat on the back. We appreciate it.

-- My wish for the media is to stop asking me all the time, “Why is Tyler Seguin so good?”

-- Finally, for Z [Zdeno Chara], the man who has everything, I mean, what do you need when you make $7 million a year? He needs to give some money over to me, that’s what he needs!

Happy holidays!