Winter Classic players: We'll be warm enough

Surprisingly none of the players are planning to wear anything extra to keep warm during Friday's Winter Classic.

"It was probably even warmer than our practice rink, to be honest with you," said winger Blake Wheeler. "I don't think the cold's going to be a problem. I think there's going to be heaters on the bench so, if anything, guys might get warm. Pretty much wear what you wear for a normal game and you should be fine."

Future Hall-of-Famer Mark Recchi is old-school when it comes to his game dress.

"I don't like wearing anything period," he said. "I hate long stuff under my equipment so I'm not going to do anything different. I'm going to wear what it is. If I have to put heat on my body then I'll put heat on my body."

Fighting words

There has never been a fight in a Winter Classic game. That could change with the Bruins and Flyers renewing a rivalry that's never lacked for physicality over the past 30-plus years. I asked Shawn Thornton, who hates to talk about his fighting, about the possibility he could make outdoor pugilism history.

"I don't care," he said. "I'm not going out there thinking about it. & In all my years here, I don't know if there's ever been what you guys would call a staged fight. There's always a reason behind what I'm doing. & I stick up for my teammates, I stick up for myself, or if the team needs to change momentum I take care of it. Any other time, it's not about my ego or proving how tough I am.

"I'm going to go out and try to score a goal. I'd rather score a goal than be the first fight in a Winter Classic. But if it happens, it happens."