Julien not focused on Backstrom cross-check

WASHINGTON -- Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien decided to give his team Tuesday off after its 4-3 victory in Game 3 against the Washington Capitals.

Julien spoke at the team hotel and was asked if he was able to again review the play that occurred after the final buzzer when the Capitals’ Nicklas Backstrom received a match penalty for a cross-check to the face of Bruins forward Rich Peverley.

The league has not yet ruled on whether or not to suspended Backstrom for the incident.

“My job is to prepare my team,” Julien said. “I think the league needs to look at it and judge it from there. We’re not a team that will go down, and I’ve said that many times, and will start rolling around the ice for no reason. I’m proud of Pev for standing up on his feet and taking a cross-check to the face and not embellishing. That’s what I want my team to keep doing. The rest, we have all jobs to do and you let the people who are responsible for that to make those decisions. We’re going to keep moving forward and we’re going to stay focused on our series and nothing from the decision is going to distract us from that.”

Bruins forward Chris Kelly also addressed the hit.

“That’s maybe a little frustration,” Kelly said. “Peverley is just making a play and he had four guys on him. We’re going to focus on ourselves and play the style of hockey that has made us successful in the past and they can worry about themselves.”