Thomas: 'The last goal he fooled me'

BOSTON -- Following his team’s 2-1 loss to Washington in Game 4 that tied the series at two games a piece, Tim Thomas was rather critical of Bruins forwards, saying they needed to be better, get to the net more and create chances. This came despite the fact that his team played a solid game and unloaded 45 shots on Braden Holtby, who was simply in a zone, saving 44 of those shots. But give Thomas credit, because following the 4-3 loss to the Capitals on Saturday that sent the Bruins to the brink of elimination, Thomas didn't hesitate to take some blame.

Thomas admitted he should have stopped the Capitals’ third goal scored by Mike Knuble and the game-winner, a power-play goal scored by Troy Brouwer.

“I don’t look at things like that exactly,” Thomas said. “The third goal I wish I could have controlled the rebound better, and then the last goal he fooled me and beat me clean. He’s coming down with a lot of speed and he shot and I read that the shot was going lower. And by the time I even realized that the shot was going that high, I didn’t even have time to raise my hand.”

Thomas went on to recount the Knuble goal and explain how he misread the play.

"It was to the right leg, it was to the far leg ... it was just slow enough that I couldn’t get the momentum to the puck, to get the puck all the way into the far corner. I think actually I was going to put the rebound more towards the middle like I do sometimes to give to one of my guys, but I read that one of our guys was there and I didn’t want it to go off his shin pad and in. Unfortunately it just happened to land right on the Washington guy’s stick.”

The Brouwer game-winner on the power play came on what the Bruins as a whole felt was a questionable slashing call on Benoit Pouliot at 17:10 of the final frame. But the Bruins netminder wasn’t going to point the finger at the referees for the loss.

“That’s hockey, right?” Thomas asked rhetorically. “It’s not... there’s a lot of things that happen over the course of the series that change the outcome in the end, and that was one of them. But the outcome of this series isn’t over, so we’ll see if it ends up making a difference or not.”