McDonald: Seguin will carry Game 7

ESPNBoston.com's Joe McDonald says one name keeps coming up in his crystal ball when it comes to Game 7 between the Bruins and Capitals: Tyler Seguin.

"I'm going out on a limb here... this is what's going to happen: In Game 7... this kid is going to end up getting probably a pair of goals, a couple of assists, the Bruins are going to win. Because we've seen it in the past with him. ... as soon as he gets one, he gets comfortable, it's like, 'Yeah, you know, I can do this.' And I think that's what's really going to happen."

McDonald, appearing on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Monday, acknowledged that Seguin had struggled earlier in the series, but says he's shown encouraging signs of breaking out and having a major impact the rest of the way.

"He was squeezing his stick pretty hard in the first couple of games of this series, and he had opportunities, golden opportunities, and either Holpe came out with a big save, it hit the post, or the puck would go off his stick," he said. "But a goal like that last night... is going to give him a lot of confidence. And Claude Julien afterwards really gave this kid props for the way he's been playing for the past two games."

McDonald also noted that goaltender Tim Thomas may have some extra motivation to carry his team into the next round and hopefully further.

"The one thing that really stood out to me was after Game 5. I've been covering [Tim Thomas] for more than 10 years and I had never, ever heard him say 'the goal was my fault, completely my bad.' And that's what he did after Game 5. Because goals 3 and 4 in Game 5 he absolutely should have had. And afterwards he admitted it. Which was unbelievable. And then he comes back with a solid performance in Game 6 yesterday."

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