Neely chimes in on power-play woes

BOSTON -- At this time last year, the Boston Bruins were in the second round of the playoffs, en route to their first Stanley Cup in 39 years in spite of an anemic power play. There was no need to sweat the fact they actually played better short-handed than they did with the man-advantage. But now, a week removed from a first-round exit at the hands of the Washington Capitals, that lack of a power play seems to be all any member of the Bruins organization points to as an area in need of improvement.

On Thursday, team president Cam Neely chimed in on what he believes needs to be fixed with the power play. Just as head coach Claude Julien pointed out last Friday, Neely believes that Bruins might still be playing if they got some timely power-play goals.

"We got away with it last year as everybody knows. This year, it kind of bit us in the butt," Neely acknowledged. "We really need to have a philosophical difference of how we look at the power play. I don't just look at the percentage of the power play, I look at when we get power plays, what the score of the game is, what time of the game is -- that's important. Maybe more so than what the actual percentage of the power play is."

Much like Chiarelli and Julien, Neely also doesn't see a need for a personnel change to correct the power play and promised that the current staff will get the job done.

"I think we have the personnel that we can improve on the power play," Neely said. "There's some things we'll certainly discuss in the offseason about what we can do differently with the power play and I think it's an area that absolutely needs improvement and we will improve on it."