Custance: B's a Cup favorite in 2012-13

In a piece posted today on ESPN Insider in the aftermath of the Los Angelse Kings winning the Stanley Cup, Craig Custance picks his top 5 favorites to win the championship in 2012-13. The Bruins lead the way, with Custance writing:

1. Boston Bruins -- When GM Peter Chiarelli met with his players after the Bruins were knocked out of the playoffs, the feedback he heard was consistent. This group felt like they had unfinished business after dominating at times during the regular season. That's one of the reasons he'll bring back a nearly identical group to start next season, minus the starting goalie.

"I definitely will give this group another run. We've been trying to keep the group together," Chiarelli said during a Monday afternoon chat. "One of the things that stood out in the playoffs, the margin of victory is very slight. We went through that the year before. Absolutely, we want to give this group another run."

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