What to expect from Addazio

From an Owl to an Eagle, Steve Addazio is going from one bird of prey to another.

Boston College’s new head coach, Addazio spent the past two seasons as the head coach at Temple, where he compiled a 13-11 record (9-4 in 2011, 4-7 in 2012) and coached the Owls to their first bowl win in 32 years.

The new head coach will be introduced at 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, in a news conference at the Yawkey Center (you can stream it live here).

So what can you expect from Addazio on Wednesday? Here are a few things you should hear about:

• Passion.

This was one of the words that came up again and again immediately after the hire was announced.

“He is one of the most energized, passionate people I’ve ever been around,” BC athletic director Brad Bates said of Addazio on Tuesday night. “His enthusiasm is contagious. Just sitting around him, you’re going to feel more inspired. So imagine that playing out in a coaching methodology.”

Bates said he gave a lot of weight to the input of the current Eagles, who he said told him they wanted someone who could bring some energy to the program. By all accounts, Addazio should do that.

When he was an assistant at Florida, his players reportedly called his pregame pep talks “Vitamin Addazio.”

• Knowledge of the area.

A native of Farmington, Conn., Addazio has had success recruiting in the Northeast corridor. In his second class as Temple head coach, he secured commitments from 21 three-star recruits, according to ESPN Recruiting Nation.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel, who broke the news of Addazio’s hiring on Tuesday, the coach was a candidate for the Eagles’ head-coaching position the last time around but couldn’t interview because of emergency knee surgery.

“He knew us incredibly well,” Bates said. “He had done his homework. He studied us. It was obvious he was incredibly interested in this job.”

• Stability.

The Eagles haven’t really had much stability in recent years, because while the top job didn’t change hands for the four years Frank Spaziani was in charge there was a revolving door in the assistant coaching ranks.

Bates said that while you can never be totally sure, he hopes that this hire will give BC some much-needed continuity in the coaching staff.

“This is a guy who grew up in the Northeast and has dreamed of being at Boston College,” Bates said. “He is thrilled to be here and he’s already hitting the ground running. We bounced over a lot of things today in terms of what needs to be prepared and what he’s already getting into.

“The second part of the answer is, who can predict the future? Is any place a destination anymore? The landscape of college athletics is evolving so quickly, and there’s so many different variables that are involved in how people choose jobs and their longevity. I can’t predict the future completely. But back to the original answer, here’s a guy who’s incredibly enthusiastic to be at Boston College.”

• Accountability.

After the season ended, some of the Eagles talked about there being a lack of accountability among the players. Bates said he thinks that will change now that Addazio is in charge.

“He’ll be a disciplinarian,” Bates said. “He will be incredibly demanding on and off the field, but at the end of the day, the students are going to know he genuinely and sincerely cares about them.”

Jack McCluskey is an editor for ESPN.com and a frequent contributor to ESPNBoston.com. Follow him on Twitter @jack_mccluskey.