BC captains humbled and energized

NEWTON, Mass. -- Brad Bates might have said it best when he tweeted his congratulations this weekend:

Speaking after practice on Shea Field on Monday, both Edebali and White echoed that sentiment, sounding genuinely touched by the gesture from their teammates.

Asked what it meant to him, White admitted, “[It’s a] huge honor. When I first found out, I teared up. Soft, but ...” the 6-foot-5, 302-pounder said with a chuckle. “To know that my teammates and these coaches trust me and respect me enough to give me that honor, it was huge.

“It was a great moment in my life.”

A fifth-year senior from Conway, N.H., White is moving from right guard to right tackle to replace John Wetzel this season. He says the transition has been smooth, so far, as he gets used to playing in space on the edge.

Asked what being named captain meant to him, Edebali’s response was similar to White’s.

“It was just a really humbling experience,” he said. “I love all the guys in that room. This is my fifth year now. They are looking up to me and saying, ‘Kasim, we want you to be the guy that we follow when it’s crunch time.’ That means a lot.”

Wideout Alex Amidon said Edebali and White were fitting choices.

“They’re great guys. They’re really good leaders,” he said. “Obviously it’s a team vote, so it just reflects what the team wants as leaders: two linemen, two big guys. It’s good.”

After an ESPNBoston.com story Saturday night incorrectly suggested that Addazio selected this season’s captains, the coach made sure to clarify when he addressed the issue Monday.

“I did not pick the captains, the team voted for the captains,” he said. “They voted for Ian White and they voted for Kasim. I think Ian’s a strong, hard-playing, passionate player. He’s a good, strong leader. Kasim is a guy that has tremendous work ethic. I think the players recognize that and they see that.

“They are good representatives of BC football.”

The coach also made it clear that it can’t stop there.

“We had two captains -- and those are the two that are elected and they’re the two the team voted in, they’re the two that are going to go about the business of leading the team,” Addazio said. “But we also talked about the fact that Chase [Rettig] is emerging as a leader. And so are guys like KPL [Kevin Pierre-Louis] and Alex Amidon and Steele [Divitto].

“We’ve got a lot of guys. And though two guys have the title of captain, those guys need to be great leaders. That’s the challenge. I think when you have overall leadership is when you’re good. If they think it’s a one- or two-person committee it’s usually not very good.”

Edebali and White don’t believe it stops with them.

“My name and Kasim’s name get put on captain, but the whole group of seniors together are the leaders of this team that need to lead and bring people up and bring people along and make sure everyone’s on the same page,” White said. “Be a good example on and off the field. So my role really hasn’t changed. I’ve tried to lead from the beginning.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a captain or not, it’s upperclassman leadership,” Edebali said. “The eyes are always on you. You’ve always gotta lead by example.”

And how, exactly, can you do that?

“Create energy,” Edebali said. “Give as much energy as you can. Get it going in practice, because if you have a good practice you’re gonna have a good game. So never let the underclassmen have a bad practice. Just get it going, practice hard, and then get ready to execute once we hit Saturday.”

The first test for BC and its newly anointed leadership duo is just five days away.

Jack McCluskey is an editor for ESPN.com and a frequent contributor to ESPNBoston.com. Follow him on Twitter @jack_mccluskey.