OTL: BU women's hoop coach under fire

Former Boston University women's basketball player Jacy Schulz appeared on "Outside the Lines" on Tuesday to discuss allegations made by four players who left the team this season because of alleged bullying by coach Kelly Greenberg.

Schulz made similar allegations against Greenberg seven years ago.

Asked by Bob Ley what her initial reaction to hearing about the current claims, which were reported over the weekend by the Boston Globe, Schulz said, "My heart sunk."

"I notified the university all the way from the athletic director to the board of trustees to the president of the university of my situation and unfortunately they just looked the other way. Now the same thing happened to other remarkable women."

Schulz said the allegations made this season were "the exact same treatment" she received by Greenberg. Schulz cited Greenberg calling her a selfish player and an embarrassment to the program, claiming Greenberg said she was embarrassed that Schulz sought academic accommodations after having multiple concussions.

BU has said it is taking an aggressive look into the recent allegations.