QB Murphy impressing early at BC camp

Tyler Murphy hasn’t taken a snap in a game for Boston College yet. The Florida transfer’s first chance to take the ball from center and drop back in the pocket in Chestnut Hill against a live defense will come Saturday morning in the team’s first scrimmage of training camp.

But in the roughly six months he’s been on campus, Murphy has made a definite impression on his new teammates.

“He’s a down-to-earth guy, he’s super nice, smart, wants the best out of everyone,” former backup QB-turned-wideout Josh Bordner said at the team’s media day Thursday. “He’s really a great teammate and great guy.”

Murphy has made an effort to hang out with his teammates, both at the Eagles’ facility and away from it. He wants to get to know them, and to let them get to know him, believing that’s key to good chemistry.

Bordner sees that paying off.

“If he had a problem with someone, he’ll pull them aside and talk to them like a man, and not try to bash them and basically embarrass them in front of the whole team,” Bordner said. “If he thinks someone needs to be doing this, he’ll pull him aside and talk to him. I feel like he gets a lot of respect when he does that.”

He’s also gained the respect of the guys playing across the line from him.

“Would I want to see him across the line? Probably not. He’s pretty good,” BC defensive back Manuel Asprilla said with a laugh. “That’s because I know him [that] I wouldn’t want to see him across the line.”

Asprilla said Murphy reminds him of some of the quarterbacks the Eagles have faced in recent years.

“I can see that he’s a leader out there,” he said. “He gets his team together and he’s not selfish. That’s why he kinda reminds me of an EJ Manuel- or Tajh Boyd-type of player, because he’ll stay there and try to get the job done instead of just taking off and doing his own thing.”

Dominique Williams said Murphy has made a good first impression.

“He’s a great guy on and off the field,” he said. “He’s someone that really excites you when you watch him on film and on the field. He can throw and he can run, and I don’t really think people respect his running ability as much as they should because he’s really fast.”

BC coach Steve Addazio knows Murphy well, having recruited him to Florida when he was an assistant there. A native of Wethersfield, Conn., Murphy was recruited mostly as an athlete by other schools, but the Gators coaches thought they could develop him as a dual-threat QB.

Murphy played in nine games, starting six, for the Gators in 2013, going 112-for-185 for 1,216 yards, six TDs and five interceptions, and rushing 61 times for 61 yards and three TDs.

He came to BC as a graduate student with one year of eligibility left, and hopes to make his mark.

“He wanted to have the chance to run the reins of his own program,” Addazio said, explaining part of Murphy’s motivation for coming to BC. “He had it for a short while and a competitor likes that feel and that taste and he wanted to get that back.”

He's also happy to be back in New England.

“I’m really thankful that this opportunity did open up and there was a chance for me to come here because I feel like I’m almost at home, it’s not too far away from here,” Murphy told reporters at media day. “I can see my family and friends. I grew up watching BC as a kid so I know a little bit about the football program and stuff like that. I’m just really fortunate and happy to be here.”

Asked who he watched growing up, Murphy ticked off all the famous names who have played QB for BC: Flutie, Hasselbeck, Ryan.

And while he won’t be around long enough to put his name on that level -- barring a spectacular single season in 2014 -- Murphy is relishing the chance to make a mark as a starter.

“It’s gonna be a challenge, my first year being named the guy,” Murphy said. “I’m excited to put the BC uniform on. That’s something I’m gonna wear with pride. Even though I’ve only been here for six months or so, I’ve really developed a good relationship with my teammates and some of the staff here both athletically and academically.

“I’m not gonna take it for granted to put the maroon and gold on. I’m really excited about this season and I hope everybody else is, as well.”

Jack McCluskey is an editor for ESPN.com and a frequent contributor to ESPNBoston.com. Follow him on Twitter @jack_mccluskey.