DiMartino, Mewis power BC women's soccer

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Without replays, and often at a considerable distance from the far flung corners of the pitch, it's all too easy to miss the set-up pass or the number of the player who delivered it. But when it comes to Boston College, there's an easy cheat. If Victoria DiMartino or Kristen Mewis put foot or head to ball for the finish, it's generally safe to assume the other one had a hand in setting it up.

From Long Island to Massachusetts, Chestnut Hill to Chapel Hill and Germany to New Zealand, the two have been friends for the better part of a decade, traveling the globe and leaving a trail of goals behind them.

"I think they have a great chemistry," Boston College coach Alison Foley said before the season. "You say sometimes players are telepathic; I think those two have that type of connection."

The Eagles scored four goals in beating North Carolina and NC State 3-2 and 1-0, respectively, to open ACC play, and DiMartino and Mewis combined on three of them (two by Mewis, one by DiMartino). For the season, DiMartino, a sophomore forward from Long Island, leads the Eagles with nine goals and is second with six assists. Mewis, a sophomore midfielder from an hour south of Boston, leads the team with eight assists and is second with six goals.

Mewis has assists on four of DiMartino's goals; DiMartino has assists on four of Mewis' goals.

The two have played together on big stages before, helping the United States to the Under-17 World Cup title in New Zealand in 2008 and making the trip to Germany this past summer to play in the Under-20 World Cup. But they haven't combined for many goals more important than the one Mewis headed home in the 60th minute against North Carolina.

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