QBs & system fit in focus

Mike Sando's NFC West blog on ESPN.com is full of meaningful content, and one entry from Friday has a strong Patriots link.

Sando asks the question: "What if the Patriots develop Mike Teel?"

Teel was a sixth-round draft choice of the Seattle Seahawks last year who has seemingly been caught in a regime change. When Pete Carroll was hired as Seattle's head coach this offseason, some of the characteristics that the team was looking for in quarterbacks changed (e.g. there is more value placed on mobility).

Sando then makes the point of how important the system is to a quarterback's development.

"Players in general and quarterbacks in particular can be products of their environment, however, and Teel's career trajectory probably improved Friday when the Patriots claimed him off waivers. He could have gone to worse places," Sando writes.

The Patriots' claiming of Teel on waivers is also a reminder of how things can change quickly in the NFL in one year.

Teel was one of 11 quarterbacks drafted in 2009, but now he's starting over. One of the players he's competing with is No. 2 quarterback Brian Hoyer, who wasn't drafted in 2009 but has since proven that he should have been.