Randy Moss, his agent & his future

Patriots receiver Randy Moss has ended his business relationship with agent Tim DiPiero, and DiPiero said that Moss plans to go without an agent for the rest of his career.

This story was brought to light today by ProFootballTalk.com and confirmed by ESPNBoston.com. The main question for Patriots fans is: What does this mean for Moss's future with New England?

Moss's contract expires after the 2010 season and DiPiero would have been the point person on free-agent talks with clubs next year. It was DiPiero who handled the longer-than-expected negotiation with the Patriots in 2008, balancing Moss's desire to remain in New England with the aggressive pitch made by the Philadelphia Eagles.

DiPiero has known Moss since Moss's high school days, and my view of their agent-player relationship was that it was different from the norm. I felt it had more of a father-son dynamic after spending time around them in West Virginia in 2008. Moss doesn't let many people into his inner circle.

At this time, I don't think the change makes a big difference when considering Moss's future in New England. The Patriots have more pressing contract situations with Tom Brady and Logan Mankins, so it would seem unlikely that an extension for Moss would come before the end of the 2010 season.

One immediate concern for the 2010 season would be if Moss becomes distracted by agents pursuing him in an attempt to change his mind.