Morris feels good heading into camp

Staying productive in the NFL is historically an uphill battle for running backs on the wrong side of 30. So when Sammy Morris first came into the NFL back in 2000, a fifth-round draft choice of the Bills, he figured that a goal of 10 years in the league would be “the best possible scenario”.

Now, it seems, anything is possible for the 33-year-old running back entering Year 11. When asked about his future on a conference call this morning to promote his camp that will take place next week in Foxborough, he said he’d stay “as long as they’ll still have me”.

“Each year is its own entity,” said Morris, who totaled 499 yards of offense in 12 games last season. “As long as I still feel good, as long as a team will still have me, I’m playing for as long as I can. I’ve felt as good about this training camp as any other one.”

In these dog days of the summer leading up to the start of camp at the end of this month, Morris finds himself getting in his workouts at Gillette at random, sometimes odd hours -- last night, for instance, he showed up at 10:45 p.m. to get his work in.

“It’s still my job, still something I take very seriously,” he said. “I’ve always kind of looked at this time as, I still need to work out but it’s just not as structured as, say, April.”

The Sammy Morris Football Camp is set to run July 15-17 in Foxborough, for kids aged eight through 18. Former Redskins linebacker Devin Lemons, a teammate of Morris’ at Texas Tech, is set to join Morris at Gillette just as he did when the two ran a similar camp in Lubbock, Texas late last month.

As for Patriots players set to join, none are confirmed at this time, but Morris says he has reached out to the ones still around here, specifically Tyrone McKenzie and Jerod Mayo.