Looking back at Edelman's 6 plays

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- With receiver Julian Edelman not present for the last two practices, the rewind button was hit on the Patriots-Falcons television broadcast to see if anything stood out injury-wise with him.

Edelman was on the field for six plays:

1. Fred Taylor 3-yard run (Edelman is used as a decoy on an end-around fake)

2. Fred Taylor 4-yard run (Non-factor in the play)

3. Fred Taylor 28-yard touchdown run (Edelman blocks inside, engages Sean Weatherspoon in a significant collision, disengages from the block slightly awkwardly, and is the first to congratulate Taylor in the end zone)

4. Fred Taylor 0-yard run (Non-factor in the play)

5. Edelman 8-yard catch (Runs a short route, catches the ball and is tackled with a defender grabbing him in the lower leg/ankle area)

6. Randy Moss 14-yard catch (Non-factor in the play)

If Edelman sustained an injury in the game, my educated guess would be that it came on Taylor's 28-yard touchdown run and/or his own 8-yard catch. Those were the plays in which the most significant contact was made.

Since Edelman spoke with reporters after the game, it doesn't seem like it would be anything too serious.