About Beltre's glasses

BOSTON -- The first thing you must know about Adrian Beltre's glasses is that they served the same purpose as goggles. No prescription, just clear glass.

"The wind,'' he said of breezes that were measured at 20 miles an hour Sunday night during Boston's 9-3 win over the Yankees and included gusts even harder. "I have really sensitive eyes. Every time the wind hit me, my eyes kind of get blurry and I can't see good.''

Beltre said he has had the glasses for several years but has never tried them until Sunday night. "I was always scared to try it,'' he said. "I had them for three or four years in Seattle, where it also gets windy and cold, but never had the guts to use them.''

After two hits Sunday night, that's likely to change. "If it gets windy and cold again like this, yeah,'' he said.