Guerrero says gun charge 'taken care of'

LAS VEGAS -- Robert Guerrero says the gun charges stemming from a recent incident in New York are "taken care of," and haven't been a distraction as he prepares to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday.

Guerrero, 30, was arrested March 28 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York when he attempted to check an unloaded gun onto a flight bound for Las Vegas. He is scheduled to appear in Queens Criminal Court on May 14.

"It's all taken care of," Guerrero said. "It was a misunderstanding. [Showtime] wanted to film me doing a thing here in Las Vegas. I'm an active fisherman, hunter. Unfortunately, they didn't make it here. I was just unaware of New York City law."

It's the most Guerrero has said about the incident since it occurred. He is charged with one count of criminal possession of a firearm and three counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. The maximum penalty is four years in prison.

The May 14 court date is 11 days after he's scheduled to face Mayweather for a welterweight title in Las Vegas.

Guerrero (31-1, 18 KOs) appeared comfortable talking about the issue on Tuesday, but the fighter's manager, Luis DeCubas Jr., quickly redirected questions.

"I ain't got nothing to hide," Guerrero said. "Everything is all taken care of already. My main focus is getting ready for the fight. The bottom line is taking care of business."

Guerrero, who says he is a licensed weapons carrier in Gilroy, Calif., where he lives, flew to New York from Virginia on May 25 for a media tour. He admitted that the unloaded weapon was in his possession when he arrived.

Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs), who served two months in a Las Vegas jail last year for a misdemeanor domestic battery case, hasn't passed up the opportunity to speak out on his opponent's legal matters, calling the declared Christian a "hypocrite."

"He's going to the '700 Club' and talking to kids, but then he's carrying a gun," Mayweather said. "If God's got your back, why are you carrying a gun?"

Guerrero laughed off Mayweather's comments.

"No, that's not my belief," answered Guerrero when asked if he thinks he'll have to serve time following the fight. "My belief is I'm going to go in there and beat him down on [Saturday]. He needs to be worried about that and not about what's going on with me after the fight."