Beristain breaks down Canelo's mistakes

Canelo Alvarez suffered the first defeat of his career last Saturday against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a clinical performance that will likely be remembered as one of the unbeaten pound-for-pound king's most dominant victories.

But through the eyes of an expert like Hall of Fame trainer Nacho Beristain, Alvarez committed a series of crucial mistakes that helped take him out of the fight from the very beginning.

From Alvarez coming in without suitable preparation to his lack of control against an opponent who dominated him in every aspect from start to finish, Beristain identified five keys that ultimately led to the 23-year-old's demise.

1. He entered the ring with no clear strategy

"When Mayweather came out of the corner to attack rather than wait on the punches, that was when [Alvarez's] strategy ended and there was no definite plan. Canelo was quickly frustrated and from the time when [Mayweather's punches] came at him right on target, he already didn't know what to do. [Mayweather] broke the attack strategy with his combination of left-right hooks and [Alvarez] couldn't adapt."

2. Lack of defense

"Given a minimally effective offense, perhaps it would have been good to show some defense to see if that way he could wait for a mistake by Mayweather and use it as has happened with other fighters. But because he was getting hammered from all sides, the fighter doesn't know what to do, he loses hope and everything becomes a madhouse."

3. No control in the corner

"In that group, there's no control. It's not like throwing more gasoline on the fire, but [Mayweather] ate him up. From the beginning it was thought that Mayweather's team was better and there ended up being no comparison. There [in Mayweather's corner], everybody knows their role, and here [in Alvarez's corner] they do whatever they want."

4. He failed to take risks

"Not only did we not see a change in strategy, we did not see any other kind of combination beyond what they have taught him, which is the left-right hook. Although, if [Alvarez] had gone at it in there with everything, if he had really put on the full press, maybe even he would have knocked [Mayweather] down, but we didn't know what could have happened. Because that's easy for [Mayweather], when they go looking for him, he puts you on the canvas like Ricky Hatton or Juan Manuel [Marquez]."

5. Not prepared for Mayweather

"The questions I had increased at the time, and if the opponent that you face is not like you had been told and it turns out you don't compete in defense, that you don't compete in speed, if you don't compete in effectiveness, they didn't tell you the truth. Given that [Alvarez's corner] created false hopes, that gave us this as a result. This is not about hitting the gloves and guard -- this is about seeing each factor that can change the fight for you."