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Expect Joshua Clottey, above, to give Manny Pacquiao all he can handle come Saturday. Fightwireimages.com

Sal Cano writes to offer his opinion on Saturday's fight:

"The perception from the casual boxing fan is that Manny Pacquiao is unbeatable at this point in his career, that he destroyed the legendary De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

"However, the reality is that Oscar was completely weight-drained, Ricky Hatton's two previous fights prior to Manny were against Juan Lazcano [who had him beat until the ref allowed Hatton to tie his shoelaces] and Paulie Malignaggi [who couldn't hurt a fly], and Miguel Cotto has not been the same fighter since the Antonio Margarito destruction.

"The reality is that Zab Judah is a very fast southpaw who fought his best fight in years against Clottey using combinations to the body, movement and hooks and did NOTHING to Clottey. Clottey also withstood the most punches ever thrown in a round by Antonio Margarito [who possibly might have had loaded gloves] and never once budged. Clottey's inactivity is the only reason he lost to Cotto.

"I'm not saying Clottey wins, nor do I take anything away from any of Pacquiao's victories, but to say Saturday is a mismatch is far more perception than reality."