Talking with David Diaz

Former WBC lightweight titlist David Diaz is one of the nicest guys in boxing.

Of course, Manny Pacquiao stopped Diaz in the ninth round in June 2008 to take his title and begin his incredible two-year run.

"I got robbed, man," Diaz joked yesterday when asked about that fight. "Hey, what can I say? The guy [Pacquiao] is pretty amazing. He's something to watch."

Did he feel any better about his own performance, given that he arguably did better against PacMan than did Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto?

"I'm a competitive person, man," Diaz said. "Bottom line is, I still lost. But I didn't lose to no bum. I lost to a great fighter."

After Pacquiao knocked out Hatton, Diaz called Pacquiao on his cell phone after the fight and said he was glad he'd knocked out the Briton so spectacularly, because now there was a new highlight reel to illustrate his power -- and Diaz wasn't on the losing end of it.

"I said now he had to stop using mine and start using that new one," Diaz said.

"If you can go back to the fight, I went back to the corner and I told the guys, I can take his punches, but there were just too many coming at one time, and that was the thing that got me. And the punch that got me was one I didn't see coming. I just couldn't cope with that speed. If he'd have brought it down a notch, to like 20 punches a minute, I think I'd have been alright."