How Roach sees the fight unfolding

Don't expect Manny Pacquiao to stand right in fron of Joshua Clottey like Miguel Cotto did. Al Bello/Getty Images

So how does Freddie Roach see the fight unfolding?

"There are two scenarios," Roach said. "[Joshua Clottey] could come out and try to impose his size. That's what I'd do. I'm thinking he might do that. Or he might go to the ropes and try to get Manny to wear himself out. And that's not going to happen because Manny's not going to get tired out. He's in great shape. But if he does come forward, he does come forward in straight lines, we're going to use a lot of lateral movement.

"Clottey's going to start reaching for us, and Manny's counterpunching will be a big, big part of this fight. If he decides to lay on the ropes and let us throw punches at him, and then throw at us afterward, well ... we're not going to stand in front of him. Our game plan is pretty simple, actually."