Mayweather displeased with Guerrero fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. isn't particularly known for humility, but when discussing his most recent performance against Robert Guerrero in May, he holds no punches.

"I can rate myself," Mayweather said, at Wednesday's final press conference. "In the Robert Guerrero fight, I gave myself probably a 'D' I wasn't impressed with myself. I knew I could have done better."

Judges scoring the bout in Las Vegas disagreed, awarding Mayweather unanimous scores of 117-111. The welterweight title fight was Mayweather's first appearance after serving a two-month jail sentence for a domestic battery case.

"I had been off a year. My body had totally changed," Mayweather said. "I got big from doing pushups every day. Things happen in this sport and we live and we learn, but I wasn't impressed with myself. I go back and watch that fight and say to myself, 'I look like s---.'

"I know me as a fighter and I could have done better, but this fight I'm going to be totally different. Watch."