Angulo: 'We have worked on everything'

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Alfredo "El Perro" Angulo opened camp in Northern California with the same cordiality as always when talking about the preparation for his next fight.

The Mexican will lock horns with countryman Canelo Alvarez on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a fight that will match two opponents who are coming off defeats.

Angulo looked relaxed and in a good mood as he remarked that he liked his camp, meticulously run by Virgil Hunter.

"All has gone perfectly," Hunter said. "We are already waiting for the preparation phase to get behind us so that we can then go to Vegas and fight."

Angulo avoided stressing any specific area of focus, but said he is ready for everything.

"We have truly worked on everything, including the slightest detail that could concern us," he said. "I think that we have done a phenomenal all-around preparation."

For Angulo, this will not be just another box office fight in his career. It will be the chance to avenge his last loss to Erislandy Lara, when he was unable to continue due to an injury.

"I think everyone saw what happened," he said. "My eye was completely swollen. Nothing could be done, and they stopped the fight. We'll keep working."

The fight against Lara was high profile, with the Cuban boxer hitting the canvas and Angulo kissing the mat one time on his own before having to withdraw in Round 10 due to a fracture of his left orbital bone.

Nevertheless, the Mexicali native said the fight was a learning experience.

"I think that you learn something from every fight, especially in the fights in which I did what was necessary to win and make the audience happy and emotional," he said.

His next opponent will basically be the opposite, given that Alvarez is a much more offensive boxer.

"These are two totally different boxers," he said. "One is an elusive fighter, a boxer, and the other has good, fast hands."

Despite this, Angulo acknowledges that, at the moment, Lara is the better fighter.

"I think Lara is a fighter with a lot of experience on both the amateur and professional levels," Angulo said. "I think that the fight with Lara will serve us well for this fight."

Angulo said he doesn't pay attention to the betting line that pegs his opponent as the favorite.

"Anyone can name anyone a favorite, but the only ones who will climb into the ring, the only ones stepping on the canvas, will be Canelo Alvarez and me," he said.

Regarding the progression of the fight and reading between the lines, it's clear that Angulo wants to have a battle.

"I would like to imagine a certain type of fight, but sincerely, I don't know," he said. "The fight is being called toe-to-toe, and if Canelo wants to honor this, then I'd be happy to oblige. But if not, we are ready. Don't worry."

Despite this, the former Mexican Olympian said that nothing would surprise him.

"The way 'El Perro' will fight, he will be the winner on fight night," Angulo said. "We have done excellent preparation for winning the 12 rounds, and that is all."

Regarding his opponent, Angulo agrees with the majority of experts and fans about Alvarez's performance against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I think that [Alvarez] fought a match that disillusioned a lot of people," Angulo said. "I think that many people expected more from Canelo Alvarez that night but unfortunately it wasn't to be."

Despite Mayweather's dominant performance, Angulo lamented not being able to use aspects of the American's strategy due to the stark difference in styles.

"I really doubt it because Floyd Mayweather and I have two totally different styles," he said. "If I were a boxer like Mayweather it would work for me, but we are totally different. He likes more punching. I've seen him fight live, and I can remember it perfectly."

Angulo (22-3) also hoped Alvarez wouldn't suffer from a loss of confidence in the aftermath of suffering his first loss, wanting instead to face the best that Alvarez has to offer.

"Each mind is its own world," Angulo said. "I hope he is 100 percent recovered so we can put on a good show for the people."