Would a 'win tax' work for Buffalo?

When it comes to playoff droughts, Cleveland and Buffalo sit at the bottom of the barrel.

The Buffalo Bills haven't made the postseason since 1999, the NFL's longest streak, and the Cleveland Browns are tied for second, last appearing in the playoffs in 2002.

Perhaps, then, the two cities could share some ideas about how to put pressure on their respective teams.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, executive Ed FitzGerald introduced a proposal Thursday that he has dubbed the "win tax." The county already uses revenue from its sin tax on the upkeep of Cleveland's professional sports arenas, but FitzGerald wants to distribute 20 percent of that tax based on on-field performance.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, FitzGerald wants to form a "fan advisory council" that would choose how to allocate the estimated $2.6 million per year between the Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers. He compared it to tax breaks for ordinary businesses being contingent on those companies creating a certain number of jobs.

Would Erie County ever consider something similar?

Once the Bills are sold later this year, focus will turn to finding a long-term home for the team. Local and state leaders continue to debate the need for a new stadium or simply a major renovation to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

In either case, it will require significant government funding, likely through taxes.

Should Buffalo make like Cleveland and propose a "win tax?"