Counting the Bills: Defensive tackles

Continuing a series analyzing the economics of the Buffalo Bills' roster, position by position:

Position: Defensive tackle

Total cap value: $17,250,732

Compared to NFL average: 75 percent more

NFL positional rank: 4th

Portion of Bills' total cap number: 12.5 percent

2014 cap numbers:

Marcell Dareus: $6.493 million (2nd on Bills, 8th among NFL defensive tackles)

Kyle Williams: $6.25 million (Bills: 3rd; NFL: 9th)

Alan Branch: $2.675 million (Bills: 16th; NFL: 32nd)

Stefan Charles: $495,000 (Bills: tied for 59th; NFL: tied for 128th)

Corbin Bryant: $495,000 (Bills: tied for 59th; NFL: tied for 128th)

Damien Jacobs: $422,500 (Bills: tied for 71st; NFL: 154th)

Colby Way: $420,000 (Bills: tied for 78th; NFL: tied for 175th)

Average per year:

Williams: $7.5 million (3rd on Bills, 5th among NFL defensive tackles)

Dareus: $5.101 million (Bills: 7th; NFL: 15th)

Branch: $3.1 million (Bills: tied for 14th; NFL: 26th)

Jacobs: $512,500 (Bills tied for 61st; NFL: 138th)

Way: $510,000 (Bills: tied for 68th; NFL: tied for 157th)

Charles: $495,000 (Bills: tied for 77th; NFL: tied for 180th)

Bryant: $450,000 (Bills: 89th; NFL: tied for 199th)

Most overpaid: None. Under normal circumstances, Branch might fall into this category but the uncertainty with Dareus' status makes Branch a valuable insurance policy. The Bills may have jumped a little soon on giving Branch a three-year extension, only to have his starting role evaporate with the shift in defensive coordinators this offseason. Yet if the Bills lose Dareus to a suspension or decide to release him before his 2015 salary becomes guaranteed, Branch could slide into a more prominent role. It's not the most economical deal the Bills have done, but Branch's contract isn't too big of an issue.

Most underpaid: None. The Bills have $45.041 million of their salary cap devoted to defensive linemen in 2014, the highest number of any NFL team. They're paying all of their core defensive tackles well. They delivered last season, with Williams and Dareus both posting career highs in sacks. That's money well spent. The price tag is high, but the Bills have one of the NFL's best defensive lines.