Jim Kelly on 'big step' in recovery

On Thursday, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly appeared on "Mike and Mike" on ESPN Radio to update his health status following a follow-up visit to doctors Tuesday.

While a screening found "no evidence" of the remaining cancer that forced Kelly into chemotherapy and radiation treatments this spring, Kelly reiterated Thursday that he will need to return to New York City for further testing on certain areas.

"The big question mark is that there are some areas along the V2 nerve where they could not tell right away," Kelly said. "I'm not not of the woods yet, but I'll tell you what, it's a big step in the right direction."

In a statement Wednesday, doctors said treatments had "completely eliminated" pain and returned Kelly's level of function to normal.

"Some of the areas that they were looking at towards the ganglion, more towards the brain, that's where the cancer was moving towards, and that was moving up the V2 nerve. That's what they were really worried about," Kelly said. "If it got to that point and it moved even closer to my brain they knew there was really minimal things that they could do if it moved that far along, and it was a matter of time.

"That was good news to know that they did not see anything."