Kiko Alonso, Doug Marrone and a hot tub

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Look up "loquacious" in the dictionary, and there's one Buffalo Bills player you won't find pictured: Kiko Alonso.

The rookie linebacker is having a stellar season, leading the NFL in tackles (66) while being tied for an NFL-best four interceptions. He's just not the talkative type, even to his head coach, Doug Marrone.

"I think I'm like everybody else here," Marrone said, chuckling. "He's kind of short. To the point. I try to keep it as direct as possible and take any gray out of it."

Marrone then stopped himself, recalling a scene that Bills fans may or may not want to imagine.

"I have had social conversations. He's extremely bright from that standpoint. We actually had a conversation one time in the hot tub about some financial things," Marrone said. "All the sudden, you're like 'Whoa.'"

In recent weeks, fans have started a Twitter hashtag about Alonso, which Marrone said the second-round pick hasn't followed.

"I think he's kind of clueless [about things] that are going on about the tweeting and things like that," Marrone said. "He was like, 'I don't even know what you're talking about.' He's focused."

Part of that, Marrone said, may be intentional on Alonso's part.

"Not to speak for Kiko, but some of that might just be a focus to keep him focused and concentrated on doing what he's doing," Marrone said. "He's doing it extremely well right now and I don't think he wants to break that."