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At least two Bills players plan to continue kneeling during anthem

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- After approximately a dozen Buffalo Bills players knelt during the national anthem before Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos, at least two of them have committed to continuing to kneel this week against the Atlanta Falcons.

Here is what 10 of those players said in the locker room Wednesday about their plans:

Planning to kneel:

CB Shareece Wright: "I plan on taking a knee. As long as I have the support of this organization, I'm going to continue to take a knee. They open the doors. We had an hour conversation with the owner and his wife was there, the head coach, the general manager. They're open to it. That's one thing about this organization: They're about the players. They know. They know how important it is to us. They know we have a life outside of football and they respect that. This is our job and we put all of our time, most of our time in it. I spend more time here than I do with my own family. So this is important, also. We also have a world we have to live in outside of these doors and outside the Bills' logo."

WR Kaelin Clay: "I will be taking a knee for the rest of the season. Whoever feels the way they feel about it, that's their right. But I also have mine as well. I'm going to continue to take my knee, and that's that."

Planning to stand:

OLB Lorenzo Alexander: "I don't plan to kneel. I was kneeling to support the guys that decided to do it. I think it was a handful of guys, six or seven guys, really in response to President Trump's remarks. Like I mentioned before, with the backdrop of Charlottesville and kind of how gray his comments were when dealing with racism right in your face, it was more out of that -- to support the guys that were doing it in a productive, peaceful way. But moving forward I'll continue to stand. And like also, like most of the guys, I'll continue to do work in the community and try to be productive as far as keeping this conversation going and not just kneeling as a symbol but being proactive as well and keeping the conversation going."

DE Ryan Davis: "The knee I took on Sunday was kind of a one-off thing. I had to show my family and my community who I'm with. Because for me, as a person, I'm very to myself. I'm not political by any means. I hate it. But at the same time, I just felt the conviction to kneel with my brothers because I agree with [Colin] Kaepernick, I loved everything about his stance. It was commendable. And knowing the history behind everything with the anthem, I kind of wanted to show my family who I am and the community whose side I was, so to speak. I think I'll stand not because of the anthem. I won't sing it. I won't put my hand over my heart. I'll stand because nobody in my family has been on this level. I'm standing for my daughter and my future son. I'm standing for me, because I've never been in this position. I came into this league, fought for everything to get to this point. So if you see me standing, that's why I'm standing."

DE Shaq Lawson: "I'll definitely stand. Continue to stand. I just did that (kneeling) at the time because I felt disrespect. I personally took a knee because I'm the son of a queen, not a son of a -- you know what I'm saying? I kind of took that part personally. I'll continue standing, and I'll always stand for our country. It wasn't nothing anything the people who was over [in] the war. My great-grandpa was in the war, so I have a lot of respect for all that. It was just the thing that the President said, about the son of a."

No decision yet:

RB LeSean McCoy: "I haven’t thought about that. Like I said before, that was last week. I think there’s a lot of, if you see around the whole NFL, [players] kind of took the President’s words and really expressed themselves. Some teams didn’t even come out for the national anthem. Guys were just extremely hurt, like myself. This week, we really want to get back to just playing football and focus in and I guess we’ll go over that with the council and see with the team, how we feel together and where we’ll go for the future."

RB Mike Tolbert: "I haven't [made a decision]. It's not something that I take lightly. Obviously I still need to talk it over with my wife, my family. Because it doesn't only affect me, if affects my son, who has to grow up in this world, too. I'm not a guy that's afraid to be himself and stand up for what I believe in. I'll have to have that conversation with her and some more key people in my life. We'll decide what's the best case. I'm not opposed to kneeling again, I'm not opposed to kneeling for the rest of the season, the rest of my career if I have to."

DT Marcell Dareus: "We'll see how the rest of the season goes. I haven't decided."

WR Jordan Matthews: "For me personally moving on, I do not know. I would say right now, my initial feeling is to just go ahead and stand. Because I'm already moving on to the next [thing]. You see my conviction. You see what I care about. You see what matters to me. Now how do I turn that into action. How do I move and continue to push this whole movement forward. Not just on one side -- with our community, the black community -- but everywhere. White people, policemen. [How] do we bring everyone together."

CB Leonard Johnson: "I'm going to continue to stand for what I believe is true to my heart and true to my family's heart, and hopefully we can get this thing rectified. I talk to my mother before every game, and I kind of take her advice. Whatever she decides is best with the least amount of distraction with the team and to myself, that's what we'll probably end up doing."

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