Byrd moves on as trade deadline passes

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Tuesday's trade deadline came and went, and Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd remains in Buffalo.

The prospect of trading Byrd dates back several months, when Byrd waited until the third week of the preseason before signing his franchise tender. He then sat out the first five games of the regular season with a foot injury.

Byrd is now back to a full workload on defense and, after Tuesday, will be staying put.

On Wednesday, Byrd briefly addressed his status with reporters:

Q: Are you surprised you're still here?

Byrd: Anything can happen. I'm not surprised at all.

Q: Are you glad that day is out of the way?

Byrd: I'm glad it's over and behind us, and we can just work on winning games.

Q: Were there any whispers that a trade was close?

Byrd: I don't want to get into that. I'm here. Let's win.

Q: Are you glad you're here?

Byrd: Yeah. Let's win.

Whether Byrd is still with the Bills next season, though, is a separate story. If he hits the open market, it seems unlikely that the Bills will make the financial commitment he wants. If the Bills franchise tag him again, it will likely set-up another summer full of tension.

But for now, Byrd has settled into what could be his final eight games in Buffalo.