Bills to 'evaluate' training camp location

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- In addition to reviewing their annual game in Toronto, the Buffalo Bills will "evaluate" the location of their training camp, CEO Russ Brandon said Wednesday.

"One of the things we did with Coach [Doug] Marrone and we'll continue to do is evaluate everything relative to training camp," Brandon told WGR 550 in Buffalo. "Is that the right thing to help us win?"

Since 2000, the Bills have held training camp about 90 miles east of their practice facility, at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, N.Y.

"We have a great setup at Fisher, you know that. But is that the best thing for this team?" Brandon said Wednesday. "When I said everything is under review, I mean everything."

The Bills signed a long-term agreement with St. John Fisher in 2011, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Brandon noted last week that the Toronto series as well as their remote training camp location are part of an overall effort to "regionalize" the team's brand.

However, fewer NFL teams are holding their training camps at distant locations. Generally, the benefits of avoiding distractions in a remote setting have succumbed to the logistical challenges of moving a team's entire operation elsewhere.

Weighing the many factors, Brandon said the need to win is paramount.

"My focus in this organization is simple: That is to put ourselves in position to win championships and sustain success. Period," he told WGR 550. "Nothing -- nothing -- comes above that."