NFLN survey/popular coach: Bills

Is it better to be loved or feared? Is it better to be a "player's coach"or someone who gives "tough love?"

That's the question that NFL coaches must ponder when trying to motivate their players.

In a recent ESPN.com survey, 320 NFL players were asked which current head coach they would most like to play for. The Seattle Seahawks' Pete Carroll, with 22 percent of votes, was the favorite.

But checking in at fourth place was Bill Belichick, with 6.9 percent. Unlike Carroll, who is known as a positive-energy, player-friendly coach, Belichick's style is more business-first, no-nonsense. Evidently, both coaches are respected by and appeal to different types of players.

Where does Doug Marrone fall on the spectrum? In his first season, Marrone attempted to establish a tougher culture with the Buffalo Bills, stressing accountability and mental toughness.

When defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was late to team meetings in back-to-back weeks to end the season, Marrone benched him for the start of those games. Some coaches may have let that slide, while others may have simply suspended Dareus for the contest. Marrone's discipline could indicate that his philosophy in somewhere in the middle.