Williamson's take: Tight end/receivers

We recently chatted with ESPN NFL Insider Matt Williamson, a former scout for the Cleveland Browns, about a variety of Bills topics.

Next, we'll take a closer look at the Bills' receivers and tight ends, and how those positions fit into Buffalo's draft needs:

Thoughts on receivers: "I had hopes for the receiving corps. I think [Robert] Woods will take a step forward. I think [Marquise] Goodwin has a chance to be a difference maker. I think Stevie Johnson's best days are probably behind him, but he's still productive. I prefer Goodwin [over T.J. Graham], but I think clearly they're looking for burners. That's something they're obviously targeting in terms of how they're building this offense."

Drafting a tight end: "I'd almost rather see them move from No. 9 to No. 15 or No. 16 and take the best tight end on the board. It looks like there's three of them that are potential first-rounders this year: Eric Ebron (North Carolina), Jace Amaro (Texas Tech), and Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Washington). I think a tight end would go a long way in that offense. I don't think [Scott Chandler] is impressive."

Effect of receivers on C.J. Spiller: "It's hard to have an offense when your most important or most valuable guy is a satellite player, you know? It would be nice if you had... I mean, [Reggie] Bush has Calvin Johnson. Almost if you had a stud at any position. If you had [Rob Gronkowski], if you had a receiver where Johnson and Woods were second and third options, or if you had Drew Brees. One more stud at almost any spot on that offense, then I think Spiller becomes much, much more effective."

Chances of drafting Sammy Watkins: "Then that might be the move. Or move up three spots to get him. Even though I don't think receiver is a huge need. It's kind of like how I feel about every position on the offense. I don't see anything as just a massive need. Except for right guard, but you're going to find a guard. If your No. 1 need is guard, you'll figure something out to find a guard. It's not like, 'Holy cow, they need a tight end so bad that they need to reach to get one,' or 'They can't live with this receiving corps.'

Right now right tackle is not great, but they can't possibly live with who they have. It's almost like, if [they] could just get one stud who's a perennial, Pro Bowl-type player -- and of course they don't grow on trees -- and Watkins might be the best bet for that in this draft, considering where they pick and maybe they can move up a couple spots or whatever -- then I think the rest of the things would really fall in line, with a huge 'if,' if [EJ] Manuel is a legitimate NFL quarterback. Because if he isn't, then it doesn't matter."