Snow could snarl Bills' free-agent visits

It's mid-March, but that hasn't stopped Mother Nature from trying to throw a wrench in the Buffalo Bills' free-agent plans.

As part of a storm that could impact most of the Notheast, the Buffalo area is expected to receive up to 18 inches of snow Wednesday.

It might seem innocuous to football -- a game that is played routinely in the elements -- but Bills general manager Doug Whaley expressed some concern Tuesday about the weather affecting free-agent visits.

"Well, looking at the weather, you try to get them in here as soon as possible, and hopefully just because a lot of guys have dance cards, that we don't get skipped over if we can't get them in," Whaley told WGR 550. "It's a tricky situation, but we're trying to do the best we can. We have faith in the Buffalo airport that it will stay open, at least for a little while -- or don't cancel flights the whole day."

Even beyond the logistics of trying to get a player in for a visit -- and to possibly sign a contract -- weather is a problem that can't be overlooked when trying to lure free agents to Buffalo over warmer destinations.

This year, luck isn't on the Bills' side.