Should Bills stadium meetings be open?

When the Buffalo Bills' new stadium committee met for the first time on April 1, the majority of the gathering took place behind closed doors.

New York State Assemblyman Michael Kearns wants to change that.

The Buffalo News reported Tuesday that Kearns sent a letter to New York governor Andrew Cuomo arguing that the committee, which includes both public and private leaders, should be subject to the state's open meeting law.

Deputy Erie County Executive Richard Tobe, one of the 20 members of the committee, told the newspaper that the county considers the committee to be a "non-public advisory panel" that doesn't fall under open government laws.

“We’ll be dealing with potential sites for a stadium, and don’t want to forecast that because it could lead to land speculation and possibly hike prices,” Tobe told the News.

The committee has begun the process of evaluating potential sites for a new Bills stadium. The Bills, of course, are a private entity, but a new stadium would undoubtedly require public funding.

What's your take? Should the meetings be open the public?