Ranking the Buffalo Bills' draft needs

As part of our recent Buffalo Bills draft preview series, we assigned a level of need to each position group.

Looking back, here is an overview of those positional needs:

High: Tight end, offensive tackle

Moderate: Quarterback, running back, defensive end, linebacker

Moderate-to-low: Wide receiver, guard/center, safety

Low: Defensive tackle, cornerback

Along with the position-by-position needs, we assigned a "sweet spot" where we felt it was most likely the Bills would draft that position. Here's an overview of that, as well:

Any round, especially first round: Offensive tackle

Early rounds: Tight end

Second round or later: Wide receiver, linebacker

Mid rounds: Running back, Defensive end

Mid-to-late rounds: Quarterback, guard/center, cornerback, safety

Late rounds: Defensive tackle

Do you agree with the ranking? How would you handicap each position?

Meanwhile, be sure to check out ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper's team-by-team positional needs,Insider which were updated Monday.