Bills extend 'Monday Night Football' drought

The Buffalo Bills are one of six teams that will not play on "Monday Night Football" this season.

That extends the Bills' drought another season, as the Bills haven't played on Monday night since the 2009 season opener. That's the longest active streak among NFL teams.

Is it deserved? That's debatable.

The Bills' 28-53 record since 2009 is the NFL's fourth worst over that period. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars (26-54), the St. Louis Rams (24-55) and Cleveland Browns (23-57) have been worse.

The Browns last played on Monday night in November 2009, while the Jaguars appeared once in 2010 and twice in 2011. The Rams appeared twice in 2011 and once last season.

It stands to reason that it's the Bills' turn to play in prime time, but it's also reasonable that the NFL would shy away from it. A national audience would have little interest in a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 1999.

The Bills are joined by the Jaguars, Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings as teams not appearing on Monday night this season. Those teams had a combined record of 27-68 last season, and unless one of those teams drafts Johnny Manziel next month, none have a quarterback who would be marketable on the national stage.

What about Sunday night?

The Bills haven't appeared in a Sunday night game since 2007. That is also the NFL's longest drought.