Sando: Bills get 'C-plus' for offseason

Brandon Spikes and Sammy Watkins -- in. Stevie Johnson and Jairus Byrd -- out.

That has been the gist of the Buffalo Bills' offseason to date.

How does it compare to other teams across the NFL? On Thursday, ESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando released his offseason gradesInsider for each team. He combined his grades with those of four ESPN NFL analysts, including former Bills general manager Bill Polian, to help form a consensus.

For Buffalo, the grades ranged from a 'B' to a 'C-minus,' so Sando spoke to a current NFL general manager for extra perspective. Here is what he said about the Bills:

"Watkins dominated all the way through college, has rare measurables and plays with a mean streak, but if you are going to mortgage your future, you do it to get a quarterback, not a receiver," the GM said. "They gave up way too much. They mortgaged the future when they do not have a franchise quarterback, in my opinion. They will be looking for another QB in a year and they will not have a first-round pick to get him."

Sando settled on a 'C-plus' grade for the Bills, which ranks as the ninth-worst offseason in the NFL.

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