NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Bills

Two-minute warning. Super Bowl is on the line.

Who do you want at quarterback?

In a recent ESPN survey of 320 NFL players, 40 percent said that they would choose New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to lead their team on the final drive of the championship game.

The results were fairly condensed. Only five players -- Brady, Peyton Manning (26.9 percent), Aaron Rodgers (10 percent), Drew Brees (6.6 percent), and Ben Roethlisberger (6.3 percent) -- received more than 10 votes in the poll. Not surprisingly, each quarterback has won at least one Super Bowl in the last decade.

Among the 10 anonymous Buffalo Bills players polled, none chose EJ Manuel. Five players chose Brady, two chose Manning, two chose Brees, and one chose Roesthlisberger.

That doesn't necessarily represent a lack of faith in Manuel in the locker room, but it's a recognition that Manuel is young and not nearly as accomplished as his competition in the poll.

Perhaps one day that will change.