Marrone downplays report of argument

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone downplayed a CBS Sports report that he recently was in a verbal altercation on the practice field with "several team officials," including CEO Russ Brandon and general manager Doug Whaley.

"Did we have a discussion? I confirm that, absolutely," Marrone told reporters after practice Friday. "Are we great? We talk every day, three times a day. We talk about a lot of things, so we're competitive and I couldn't be happier with those guys."

CBS Sports, citing unnamed sources, reported that Marrone was in a "loud exchange" with director of player personnel Jim Monos at the beginning of a practice "shortly before the end of the preseason and final cuts." The report stated that Marrone, a former offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, has a "strained relationship" with Monos, a former scout for the Saints.

The report further stated that Brandon and Whaley became involved in the argument, which was "within earshot of players" and that Marrone had to be separated from Brandon as Marrone stated "go ahead and fire me."

Marrone laughed when asked about the report Friday and added that he "recommended" Monos for his job with the Bills.

"There's a lot of things in that [report] that I think I'll probably catch a lot of heat on from my friends because it's just not true," Marrone said.

It's unclear if CBS Sports' report refers to an animated discussion between Marrone, Whaley and Brandon when reporters were present at practice on Aug. 26.

As players were in warm-up drills, Marrone and Whaley were seen having a heated discussion in which Brandon also became involved. Monos was not on the field and the discussion never escalated to the point where Marrone had to be separated from either Whaley or Brandon.