Angels sure could use Hamilton's production right now

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Josh Hamilton clubbed two homers for the Rangers in his fifth game back in the big leagues, mostly on the Angels' dime. What must really gnaw on his old team -- his old team in Anaheim, that is -- is that it could really use a hitter like him right now for the middle of the lineup.

The Angels have a total of five homers from their cleanup hitters this season, and the collective OPS of the guys batting in the No. 4 spot in their lineup is .579, almost 100 points lower than the team ranked 29th in cleanup-spot OPS:

30. Angels' No. 4 spot: .579 OPS
29. Rockies: .673
28. Oakland: .679
27. Boston: .694

The problem was so bad that on May 18, Angels manager Mike Scioscia shifted Kole Calhoun out of the leadoff spot -- he has been one of baseball's best leadoff hitters -- into the No. 4 spot.