Don't look for Yoenis Cespedes to blend in this season

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Yoenis Cespedes is incapable of subtlety. He is someone who will show up on the first day of spring training at the wheel of a glittering custom-made car, and then in another the next day, and then another, and another -- a mechanic's dream -- before closing out the parade of rides on a buckskin horse.

The Home Run Derby is baseball's test of relentless brawn -- big guys swinging as hard and as often as they possibly can over three hours -- so naturally Cespedes has won the event. Twice.

His best throws are never coach-approved and cutoff man high, but rather parabolic fireworks that leave gawking baserunners sprawled on the ground in disbelief.

So as Cespedes has rejoined his New York Mets teammates this spring after a winter of devotion to weight training, it figures that the words teammates use to describe the newly constructed outfielder complement his legacy of shock and awe.