Carolina's Kalil has edge on brother so far

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil arrives at Bank of America Stadium earlier than most on Mondays.

Before he reviews Carolina's game, the three-time Pro Bowl selection watches the Minnesota film to evaluate younger brother Matt. Sometimes he'll offer advice to the Vikings' starting left tackle, but "most of the time he doesn't want it."

Next Monday, Ryan will have to study only one game. Carolina and Minnesota meet Sunday in Minneapolis in a battle of 1-3 teams.

Kalil vs. Kalil.

Doesn't have quite the national appeal that Manning vs. Manning had earlier this season.

But for Ryan and Matt, the first time they face each other is big. Not only will their parents be in the stands, sister Danielle will sing the national anthem.

"I've been trying to bribe her to wear a Panthers jersey," Ryan said. "It's not happening so far."

It probably won't.

But there will be bragging rights at stake even though the brothers haven't made a friendly wager -- yet.

"That's a good idea," Ryan said. "I might make him take his jersey off after the game."

He didn't elaborate.

For the most part, Matt and Ryan support each other. But when you look at their careers on the field, Ryan has bragging rights based on success at the University of Southern California.

"He likes to remind me a lot of that has to do with the sanctions my group put on his group," Ryan said. "It's hard to argue with that.''

Southern Cal was 48-3, 3-1 in bowl games, during Ryan's four years. They were declared the national champions by the Associated Press during their undefeated 2004 season but weren't recognized by the BCS due to violations centered around Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush.

The Trojans were 27-11 with a victory in the Emerald Bowl during Matt's three seasons. They were banned from bowls during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

"I'm proud of him for sticking it out," Ryan said. "A lot of those kids were getting phone calls daily from other schools because they could leave without penalty."

That's what you would expect Ryan to say. He's all about being a team player.

It worked out for Matt. He was selected with the fourth pick of the 2012 draft, so he has bragging rights there. Ryan was taken in the second round, 59th overall, in 2007.

Ryan gives much of the credit for his successes to their father, Frank, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1982 and later played center in the USFL.

Their mom, a former Miss California, was athletic as well.

"Genetics," Ryan said.

Ryan originally wanted to be a quarterback and Matt a tight end. Frank stepped in and made Ryan a center so he could touch the ball every down like the quarterback, and Matt a tackle so he could be close to the tight end.

Both will be challenged Sunday. Ryan will have to help stop a Minnesota front that is sure to blitz based on Carolina giving up seven sacks in Sunday's 22-6 loss at Arizona.

Matt will face Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy, who already has said he's "pissed off."

They won't have as much control over the game as Peyton and Eli did in theirs, but it'll be fun for the family.

And Ryan won't have to come to the stadium early on Monday.