Panthers QB Cam Newton and Bucs' Jameis Winston are not similar on field

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Tampa Bay rookie Jameis Winston have a lot in common, but not on the field -- where it will count the most on Sunday.

Sure, both are big quarterbacks, Newton 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, Winston 6-4, 230. Both are former Heisman Trophy winners who have had off-the-field issues in college.

Both led their college team to an undefeated season and national championship, Newton at Auburn in 2010; Winston at Florida State in 2013. Both were the first pick of their respective NFL draft.

But that’s where it ends.

Just ask Carolina outside linebacker Thomas Davis. When asked if facing Newton in practice helps prepare for Sunday’s game against Winston and the Bucs, he scoffed and said, “Who?’’

Reiterated Newton and Winston, Davis explained.

“Cam is not similar to Jameis,’’ he said. “They’re totally different quarterbacks. Cam is a guy [who] is a true dual threat. He’s a guy that can definitely beat you running the ball as well as throwing it.

“I don’t see Jameis as that. He’s more of a pocket passer that runs when he has to, not because he can.’’

Let’s take a closer look.

Newton rushed for 1,473 yards and 30 touchdowns during his 2010 Heisman Trophy season at Auburn. Winston rushed for 284 yards and seven touchdowns in two seasons at FSU.

Newton has rushed for 2,715 yards and 35 touchdowns in four-plus seasons with the Panthers. He has 144 yards and two touchdowns in three games this season. Winston has 12 rushes for 41 yards in his first three NFL games.

Newton is a pocket passer/read option quarterback. Winston is a pocket passer.

Newton summed it up best, saying, “Jameis is no different than myself in a lot of ways, but we are extremely different in a lot of ways as well."