Where's the Pro Bowl love for Panthers D?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Carolina Panthers rank second in the NFL in total defense and first in scoring defense, yet they don't have a defensive player ranked higher than fourth in the Pro Bowl fan balloting.

Seems kind of wrong.

Outside linebacker Thomas Davis is second on the team in tackles with 114, third in sacks with four and he was the NFC's defensive player of the month for November -- and he's not in the top 10.

Bad wrong.

The Panthers are 9-3 with an eight-game winning streak, and yet the only player ranked No. 1 at his position is Mike Tolbert at fullback -- and Tolbert spends more time at running back.

At least he's being recognized.

With three weeks left in voting for the 2014 All-Star game in Hawaii featuring captains Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders, here's where the Panthers rank: