Rivera turns 52, Williams lets him know it

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera turned 52 on Tuesday, and running back DeAngelo Williams let him know it.

Considered among his teammates a master of social media, Williams ran the below picture on his Twitter and Facebook pages of Rivera serving as a riverboat captain with him in the background wearing a court jester's hat.

In the reflection of the window in the background, you'll notice the coach nicknamed "Riverboat Ron" because he's become such a gambler on fourth down pointing a finger in Williams' direction.


You notice Williams wrote "(aka the coach of the year)?" Rivera has a legitimate claim to the award after taking the Panthers from a 1-3 start to 12-4, the NFC South title and a divisional playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

No telling what Williams will post if there is a key fourth-down call in that one.

While Williams had the funniest post on Rivera's birthday, Courtney Rivera had the most heartfelt. This is what Rivera's daughter wrote on Facebook:

"I truly have a superhero for a dad! Idk how he does all the things that he does, from the amount of hours he spends at work, to constantly dealing with criticism and hate over his job, with so many different things testing him and judging him he still stays true to he is. Despite everything he is still the kind and giving man that he is, he's still a loving husband and caring father, with everything that he has to do he still wants to and does make time just to play catch with me (even on game day). I'm so lucky and blessed to be able to call you my dad because I wouldn't be where I am without you! I wouldn't have learned how to appreciate the little things, to love every moment, and to keep my head up because no matter what others say if I stay true to myself I'll be just fine. I love you so much dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! #bestdadever #happybirthday #daddysgirl #mysuperhero."