Newton on Atlanta snowstorm: Ridiculous

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was among those who had to deal with the "Traffic Armageddon" caused by Tuesday's snowstorm in Atlanta.

The drive from his Atlanta home to the airport for a midweek morning flight to New York City and Super Bowl festivities was bad enough that he compared the scene to a 2007 post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film starring Will Smith.

"It was ridiculous," Newton said on ESPN's Mike & Mike radio show Friday. "I kind of described it as ... a movie theme, 'I Am Legend.' The cars were just parked in the middle of the highway as if it was a whole apocalypse, like the world was over.

"I was driving early in the morning because I had to catch my flight here, and it was ridiculous."

Just what Atlanta needed, one of its sports heroes taking a shot at it along with the rest of the country.

Newton didn't stop there.

"I look at it in the sense, 'Where does Atlanta put their money as a whole city?'" he continued. "We really may have one or two days like this in a span of five years. When you think of New York and the cold areas around the nation, they have monies in place to have sand or salt placed down on each and every street."

Fortunately for Newton, he wasn't the last man standing in Atlanta like Smith was in New York City.

And there weren't any "Darkseekers" creatures chasing him around NYC like the San Francisco defenders did in his playoff loss to the 49ers.